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with the united states and libya. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >>> 15 minutes away from 6:00. thank you for joining us this morning. president barack obama has called the leaders of libya and egypt and urged them to continue work with the united states to ensure the safety of americans, this comes after a u.s. ambassador to libya and three others were killed on an assault in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. two leaders have agreed to work together to bring the attackers to justice. this morning we are joined by nancy yusef a former baltimore reporter now working in the middle east and knew the late ambassador. thank you for joining us this morning. you were a reporter here for the sun for years, what are you doing now in the middle east? >> caller: i am the mid
to the united states before they turned 16 years old. >>> new census information is expected to be released today. the census bureau will announce findint from the2011 annual report income poverty and health insurance coverage in the united states. -- and arnold palmer received the congressional gold medal today. he is generally regarded as one of the greatest players in men's professional golf. he won 7 major championships in his long career. >>> a big day for baltimore city schools. today, the foundation hosts a grand opening of the first three school libraries and this morning abc2 news education reporter sherrieionis here with more. that's something students need but we don't think about it often when we think about schools. >> reporter: that's right. something they definitely needed especially baltimore city public schools. today we are at thomas johnson elementary middle school here in south baltimore. you know what, the sign says it all welcome. you know, today is the grand unveiling. this is just one of the three that will be unveiled today. this morning, i have the principal here o
the united states' naval academy band and then -- a ship to shore bombardment and a fireworks show. i mean what don't we have this weekend? >> reporter: exactly. it sounds like it and really quickly we want do go ahead and fire this musket here. this is all these things you can catch. wow, this weekend. way to go out with a bang. huh ranger vince? you know that. >> check our website. >> reporter: thank you so much. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right there's no doubt about it nobody likes to get a traffic ticket but in one case is south carolina woman is actually crediting a citation for changing her life for the better. she remembers the drive home from school one day a state trooper pulled her over more than a year and a half ago. she was over 400 pounds and couldn't get it across the frame. she says getting that ticket prompted her to lose more than 200 pounds. >> i'm sure that's a lot of things that led up to that point. but that ticket was like -- reality in my face. and -- i don't know if i would have done it as quickly if i didn't get the ticket. >> she didn't h
. this is united states of america. that's the objective. >> reporter: in carroll county, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >>> a class action lawsuit involving students at the university of california. it stems from an incident last november at the uc davis campus. a police officer pepper sprayed students at a a sit in. they were at close range and on a walking path. the police were trying to rid the encampment and they will receive $31,000 each for that proposed settlement. >>> the woman claims that the incident happened in december last year on a flight to new orleans. she says the flight attendant brought her tea and it was so hot she suffered second degree burns. she says the tea spilled into her lap and left her permanently scared. a lawsuit is seeking $800,000. >>> if you want an e reader and have been thinking about buying one, hang on. >> the new ones may be better than those in the past. we're going to tell you why many say these may be the best. >>> this is not harry potter but it is the same author, we're going to tell you about jk rollings newest book. >>> and we still have lot offense clouds
killers for children ages 1- 12 years old. >>> it is no secret, obesity is a problem in the united states. rch sers are meeting to stay with us the state of obesity. one in three adults and one in six children are obese. ist a condition that can lead to so many problems including heart disease and diabetes and doctors say the best advice is to keep it simple if you want to lose weight. >> you have to get back to the basics and be active, find things you enjoy in terms of burning calories and making healthy food choices and implementing the choices. >> it will grow over the next decade unless major changes are made in terms of peoples diets and behavior. $5million worth of upgrades, dutch is going to tour the new facility, it's going to have bathrooms, ticket machines and ramps for disabled riders. >>> baltimore book festival attracts authors and book lovers from all over the country. it happens in mount vernon, today learn what authors are going to be coming to the city. also we will hear about what features are being added. peterson, a cookbook author and winner of the cupcake wars goi
-american fury is boiling over in the arab world touched off by an inflammatory movie made in the united states. >> reporter: violent anti- american protests continue to rage across the arab world this morning. protesters are facing off against egyptian forces outside the embassy in cairo. they have managed to keep the protester as way from the embassy's compound. and the government is monitoring the situation after a reportedly blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think that we would consider them and ally. but we don't consider them and enemy. >> reporter: they smashed window dollars and climbed the walls in the capital. this was sparked by an anti- u.s. film made in the u.s. that mocked mohammed. >> it's disgusting. there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: the violence began on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks at the u.s. consulate in libya, killing four americans, including the u.s. ambassador and two seal. >> we're going to bring those that killed our americans to justice. >> glenn
-- looks like it will stay away from the united states. bermuda looks to be in its path. in terms of the wet weather for today, scattered showers will prevail this morning and going into the afternoon a this trend will keep through thursday and we will have a little drying time. but this is what your hour by hour looks like for today. 10, 77 degrees. won't reach 80 until later. and the drier moves in by friday. >>> we will talk about a labor of love on labor day weekend. handy seafood attempted to beat the previous world record to the largest crab cake at the state fair. so they did it. the old record was 253. this year's crab weighed in over 300 pounds. cooking started at 2 in the morning and it was ready by noon. crab cake sandwiches were served and sold for $8 with the proceeds helping 4hers. look at that giant crab cake. >> made national news this week. >>> a father grateful to be home from the battle front -- >> you have to see this great storey. we will take you along for a ride as a dad comes home from afghanistan. >>> thanks for joining us on this labor day morning. these
says in a statement it is shocking that a candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and delair to a group of donors that half of the american people view themselves as victims entitled to handouts and unwilling to take personal responsibility for their lives. at a press conference, romney tried to explain his words. >> it's not elegantly stated. of course individuals are going to take responsibility for their life and my campaign is about helping people take responsibility and becoming employed again. >> reporter: he hopes all of his lemarks will be released he says. >>> a big focus on athletes and concussions, football players today. the ravens are kicking off a new campaign about concussion, unveiling a service announcement that features mcclain and featuring the team's doctor, too. >>> you have to see this video, reporter from denver, colorado, not too popular with a toddler. the thing played out on live tv. dan was covering a fall festival for good day, colorado. >> we got to go to drew, the farm kids. how are you doing? right now, he can't say anyt
right now in the northeast. this is because of an anti-his la movie made in the united states. and they're attacking the police and firing with tear gas near the u.s. embassy near cairo ekept. and that is happening across the middle east having everybody on high alert. >> reporter: violent anti- american protests continue in the middle east this morning. police are using tear gas to disperse the crowds and managed to keep the protester as way from the embassy's compound. and the government is monitoring the situation after a blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think we consider them and ally but we don't consider them and enemy. >> reporter: protesters smashed windows and walls. this was sparked by an anti- muslim film made in the u.s. that mocks the profit mohammed. >> this movie is disgusting and there's no excuse at all to responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: this began on the and sers of the september 11th attacks at the u.s. consul lit in libya that left four americans dead, including the u.s. a.m. ambassador and two navy sa
by united states troops to squash the taliban is finally over according to defense officials. they say the last of several hundred troops that were part of the 2009 troop surge have left the country. you may remember in 2009 the president ordered 33,000 additional troops to afghanistan to stabilize the country so u.s. and international traders could develop some sense of security with the afghan forces there. >>> you want the new iphone 5? get in line. fans are doing it today because the iphone goes on sale. an across the country, people have gone mad trying to get their hands on it. linda is live at a verizon store this morning to tell us what people are saying. >> reporter: there are about five people waiting in line here, the first mom and son here since 1:00 this morning. we are getting our first glimpse at the iphone 5. the manager has it right here in his hands. i have my iphone 4 so we can compare the difference. so what's different? >> it's thinner, lighter and faster with the lte network on verizon wireless. >> reporter: it has a bigger screen? >> it's longer, 4 inches as oppo
or padding. this is according to the new report there. were 98,000 trampoline related injuries in the united states in 2009 alone and authors of the report argue trampolines should be used for sports such as gymnastics. and only under adult supervision. >>> boats carrying nearly 150 pound of marijuana has capsized near jacksonville florida. look at the aerial pictures showing beachgoers helping fish and wildlife officials carry several large packages of pot to the shore. now the boat apparently belonged to drug smugglers and had no markings or registration. officials determined no one was on board the boat. local, state and federal officials working to find out who is responsible for the vessel and, of course, the contents on it. >>> you are told to watch what you eat and in the case of one man it may have saved his life. he grabbed grapes and apple out of the refrigerator and arranged them on a plate but before taking a bite he noticed a black widow spider on his apple e put it in jar -- he put it in jar and contacted the store where he bought it they gabe him his mother back and they the s
of the worst for west nile virus. there are a lot of cases in the united states right now and we learned that the second person here in maryland has died because of the virus. so tonight baltimore county is taking action to stop this virus from spreading. abc2 news linda so is live this morning in millford mill and people are being urged to stay indoors this evening. >> reporter: because crews will be back out here tonight to spray for mosquitoes at 7:30. and you should stay inside for at least 30 minutes while the spraying happens. this, after a case, the second case of west nile virus where a person died here in maryland. also in the millford mill area, there was a confirmed case of west nile virus, so far 25 cases have been reported in the state alone. the west nile virus is spread through mosquito bites so the best thing you can do is to stay inside when mosquitoes are most active. usually after dusk. it also helps to get rid of any standing water you might have around your house because that's where mosquitoes like to breed. also next week in anne arundel county crews will be back o
because you bank against the united states of america doesn't mean the rest of us are willing to sell her out. >>reporter: now, it's been widely speculated that o'malley is seeking a presidential bid in 2016. politico is reporting that later this morning o'malley is set to have breakfast with iowa's delegation to the dnc. as you know, iowa is the state that always holds its caucuses before any other state. linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> news time right now 5:36. in news around the nation, an unusual scene in washington state that leads to the arrest of a naked man. now, police say that the man tackled two teens, then walked away. when police showed up on the scene, the man jumped into a lake. remember, he's naked the whole time. he swam to the middle of the water and then is seen clinging to a buoy. so police boats tried to get him to swim ashore, however, the man resisted, swimming away from the boats. this went on like this for nearly three hours until police were able to catch up with him and arrest him. >>> a family in california says that they were discriminated against on an airline
by reelecting barack obama, president of the united states. god bless you all. >>reporter: now, it has been widely speculated that o'malley is seeking a presidential bid in 2016, but he hasn't talked much about that during the convention. >> is he still down there? what's his schedule for today? >>reporter: well, he hasn't been talking about his so- call presidential bid in 2016, but today politico is reporting that later this morning o'malley is set to have breakfast with iowa's delegation to the dnc. as you know, iowa is one of the first states to hold the caucuses during the primaries. so we'll see. >> a lot of people are saying hum. wait and see. abc 2 news' linda stow, thanks so much. >>reporter: sure. >>> well, a family in california right now saying that they were kicked off of a flight, and this is because their son has down syndrome. robert and joan vanderhorse say they were returning home from a family reunion in new jersey when they were getting on board an american airlines flight with their 16-year-old son. now, that's when they were told they had to get off the plane. that'
to organized crime, his disappearance one of the most notorious and mysterious in the history of the united states. it's believed he was killed by the mob, but his body has never been found. here's ed payne. it looks like we're having some audio troubles with is story, but what we can tell you right now, crews today will be looking for jimmy hoffa, the teamster boss, this after a dying man gave them a tip that he had seen a body buried in the driveway at a home just outside of detroit, michigan. by the way, jimmy hoffa was last seen outside of a restaurant in detroit, that happening today. they did find initial tests of radon, basically clueing them in that there was a body in that driveway or something the size of a body. they'll be looking today and we'll keep you posted not only on the air, but on >>> in other news this morning, police say this a gunman killed -- say that a gunman killed four people inside of a minneapolis sign- making business before turning the gun on himself. police found the body shortly after arriving at accent signage systems. four other people were
, three others including audit were injured. >>> mitt romney heads to battleground states ready to talk specifics about fixing the economy and helping the middle class. president obama splits his day quoting female viewers with an appearance on the view and showing his international profile at the united nations. bradley has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney continues his battleground state tour in colorado today as he trays to rebound from a difficult week. polls show the race tight but president obama leads in the battlegrounds states deciding the election. in denver, romney slammed the president's record. >> it's clear we can't afford four more years like the last four years, we are going to get change, in washington to the people of america deserve. >> reporter: romney arrives in ohio tomorrow for a bus tour and greeted bay new tv ad attacking the gop nominee for saying 47% ofamericans are dependant on the government. as the campup efforts in battleground states, some in romney's party worry the race is slipping away. >> the problem was carefulness. >> reporter: president obama i
, all of the units were dablged. we're live in northeast baltimore, linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> baltimore city police have a suspect in custody in connection with that shooting last week that happened on the campus of morgan state university. he's 20 years old. his name is kelly elbree. he has been charged with first and second-degree attempted murder along with assault and a number of weapons charges. police say that the incident appears to have stemmed from a drug deal inside of a first- floor bathroom of the student center at the campus of morgan state. >> we do have numerous witnesses who were there at the scene and in talking with us, we were able to identify mr. elebe as the suspect. >> the shooting victim still in the hospital this morning, but he is said to be recovering and should be okay. >>> be careful if you're driving through washington d.c. that's because cameras are going to be watching you on the road and it's not for speeding. you should be careful when you're stopping as well. sandra endo explains. >>reporter: in washington d.c., obey the four simple let
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